VOCO Configurations

Configuration 1

Office has a PSTN line, connected to a landline or analog PBX. No change in PBX

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Configuration 2

Office has a PBX that can be configured to do twin ringing+outgoing call spoofs the outside caller caller ID.

Twin Ringing in the event of:

  • Unconditional on all calls
  • No Answer or Busy OR other condition
  • On user event (e.g. press “3” for chat)

Call Center: The Above will be configured in IVR.

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Configuration 3

Office has only a mobile phone.

Office may have a landline phone but all calls are forwarded unconditionally to mobile phone.

*Vendor does not need an extra phone number.

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Configuration 4

Office has only a mobile phone.

Office may have a landline phone but all calls are forwarded unconditionally to mobile phone.

*Vendor requires an extra phone number.

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The first 500 users will receive Voco for free for lifetime. Everyone else, receives the service for free during the beta period and after beta having the service without ads costs $9.99/month.
The solution is provided for free to the first 500 customers. All other customers will enjoy our ad supported version. The ad free version will cost $9.99/month.
If you have a PBX, choose call forwarding if not answered from the menu. Forward the calls to the number you received from Voco. If you use your phone, divert all unanswered calls to the number Voco provided you.

You can also use the supplied Voco number as an extra number to be published in ads and posts.  Voco enables you not to expose your personal mobile number.

Customers don’t like to wait, by the time you call them back, they are already cold. Voco helps you know who calls for business and enables automatic reply to keep the customers engaged.
SMS does not allow autoreply, note to self, voice and sharing of the conversation, and when a customer calls the office line, it is much harder to reply by SMS.
Voco replies for you, automatically. It provides you a way to keep the customer engaged even if you’re busy.
No. With Voco, your number is always private.
No. You don’t leave your credit card details and you can cancel the service at anytime.
No. Voco works with your current office or mobile numbers. You can also, if you wish publish the new phone number you received from Voco.
No. Voco unlike any other chat platform connects you to a real phone number, allowing you to directly chat with every caller. Voco is geared for the business user.

With Whatsapp and similar apps you can not add notes about your customer and

  • Broadcast to group: When you broadcast to a group, you expose the names of everyone, which is not applicable to customers.
  • No other solution provides note to self functionality.
  • Whatsapp requires to add the person to your contacts.
Voco directs calls from landline or from blocked caller ID to voice mail.
No one likes to leave voicemails, and your customer will call the next provider. Voicemail still works for your customers who wish to use it.
Goto: https://www.paypal.me/ register with a new link.  Share your customers with the link, and track his payment.


“A missed call is a possible missed opportunity…I have been waiting for something like this (VOCO). My business relies on great customer service and I need to answer every call. If I don’t answer a call, a new customer might call someone else…”
Diana Cardillo, Owner, Mt. Kisco, NY, Indulgence Salon
“The concept is very good because it is very noisy in the restaurant”

Phone: 9178188XXX

Nelson, the GM of a restaurant , le Baratin, NYC.
“The competition is big and a good customer service with chat can help us sell more ”

23E 51st Street Mobile: +1. 347.513.2335

Susan Kim, owner
“ The receptionist goes home at 6PM and customer call in afterward. Voco can be great service as it allows me to directly receive calls from customers”

Phone: (212) 290-8400

Geof Ringelstein, owner

VOCO’s Competitive Edge

About VOCO

85B calls drive $1T in sales in the US. But calls are time consuming and a missed call is a lost opportunity. Parties also tend to forget what was discussed. Voco converts ​calls into a mobile web chat. Now calls are transformed to sales with real time interaction and advanced marketing. All in the palm of your hand.  No app needed.

Voco’s proprietary big data discovery engine uses simple text-based queries to match people and not websites.

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